Benchmark: “Badger”

Petra - #tbt

Petra – #TBT

Endurance class will meet at Moakley Track tonight at 6pm. See you there!

Superhero 5K
Calling all Endurance Class participants! The 8-week program is almost over, so it’s time to start planning for our 5K test (and hopefully PR!). The Southie crew will be participating in the Superhero 5K on Sunday, October 26 in Cambridge, MA. This will be an excellent test of your endurance training on a great course. You could even dress up as a superhero if you wanted! Even if you haven’t been training with the Endurance classes, we hope you can step outside of your comfort zone and join the Southie crew for this race. It will be a good time!
To sign up, please click HERE and use the code SOUTHIE20 to receive 20% off of your registration.

Speaking of Super Heroes…The workout “Badger” is in honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq 11 December 2007.


3 Rounds
30 Squat Cleans (95,65)
30 Pull-ups
800m Run

Level 2 (75,55), 20 reps
Level 1 (65,35), 15 reps

Conditioning Class: WOD
Cals on Rower
Cals on Airdyne
Complete 20 dubs after each round.

Conditioning Class: Core
100 Perfect Hollow Rocks
-Every time you stop, complete 5 burpees.

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Registration for the Showdown is now Open!

showdown-banner2014 (1)

Click here to Register!!

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Increase the Fat, Increase Paleo Friendly Carbs around Workout Times, Increase your Energy

Thrusters with Friends

Thrusters with Friends

Reminder: Registration for the Southie Showdown goes live today at high noon – 12:00pm. Make sure you secure your spot…they sell out fast so don’t miss out! You can reach the registration page by clicking here.

Attention all Paleo Challengers!!! Attention all Paleo Challengers!!! Feeling lethargic? Not experiencing that extra push in the late rounds of a WOD? Don’t worry, I’ve got the solution, eat paleo friendly carbs around workout times and increase your dietary fat outside of workout times.

Yes, the Paleo diet is great because it prevents us from over eating simple carbohydrates. But in doing so, we are consuming fewer calories and automatically less fuel for our WODs. By eating paleo friendly carbs (sweet potatoes, fruit, coconut water, etc..) before working out, we ensure that these carbs fuel our workout. By consuming these carbs immediately after our WOD, they are used to aid our muscles cells in recovery as opposed to being stored away as body fat.

Outside of workout times, the consumption of high glycemic carb, even if they happen to be Paleo friendly, are likely to be stored away as fat when eaten alone or in excess. Instead, during these times, increase the amount of healthy fats you (avocado, olive oil, nut butter) consume to the point where you feel as if you are back to yourself crushing WODs. And be sure to enjoy shedding that body fat at the same time!

Back Squat

3 rounds
60 Double Unders
30 Wallballs (20,14)
20 Deadlifts (185,115)

Level 2- (155,105)
Level 1- (115,75)

Mobility Class:
Hamstrings + Calves

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Wednesday 10/1 – Olympic Lifting Class


Warm Up
10 Tall snatch
10 Jumping squats with barbell on back
10 Sots press
10 OHS

Shoulder rolling with peanut

1 Power Snatch + 1 OHS
6×1, ascending

5 x 1 @ 75-80%

Behind the Neck Jerk
4 x 1, ascending

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Sweet Nothing



Turkish Get-up

5 Rounds
10 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1.0)
500m Row
Rest 2 minutes

Level 2 (1,0.75)
Level 1 (0.75,0.5), 4 Rounds

Conditioning Class: WOD
EMOM until no longer able to complete:
100m Run
8 Burpees
*If you do not make it at least 10 minutes, take 1 minute off and start again at a lower level.
L2 – 5 Burpees
L1 – 3 Burpees

Conditioning Class: Core
With a kettlebell:
30 Russian Twists
20 Weighted Sit ups
10 Cross-chops Upward / direction
30 Russian Twists
10 Cross-chops Downward / direction
20 Weighted Sit ups
30 Russian Twists

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