Amy Gosler

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ferro bar muscle-up

2012 28th place CrossFit Games and 2nd Place NorthEast Regional  CrossFit Southie Team member

2012 CFRoute 1 Love em Or Leave em Champs

2011 CrossFit NorthEast Regional Games 4th Place finishing CrossFit Southie Team Member

2010 CrossFit NorthEast Regional Games 24th Place Women’s Individual

Amy Ferro recently graduated with a Master’s of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Northeastern University.  Throughout her graduate program, Amy worked with patients battling diseases such as diabetes, CAD, obesity (pre and post gastric bypass), and congenital heart disease. During graduate school, Amy worked at a personal training studio in Copley Square where she began to build her client base two and a half years ago. Her passion for training inspired her to pursue fitness full-time, and she now enjoys training all populations. Amy is a very active member of the CrossFit community.  CrossFit in combination with ACSM and her clinical experience has prepared her to increase fitness in anyone from the athlete to the elderly. Amy has a true passion for every one of her clients and believes she can build an effective program for anyone.


  • M.S. Clinical Exercise
  •  B.S. Kinesiology
  • B.S. Health Science
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep Course
  • USA Weightlifitng
  • CrossFit Movemement and Mobility
  •  CrossFit Kettlebell
  •  Crossfit Defense
  • ACSM Health Fitness Instructor

Chris “Goose” Gosler

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2013 4th Place NorthEast Regional CrossFit Southie Team Member

2012 28th place CrossFit Games and 2nd Place NorthEast Regional  CrossFit Southie Team member

2012 2nd Place CFNE Firebreather Festival

2012 4th Place CFNE Regional Competitor Throwdown

2012 CFRoute 1 Love em Or Leave em Champs

2011 CrossFit NorthEast Regional Games 14th Place Men’s Individual

2010 CrossFit NorthEast Regional Games 27th Place Men’s Individual

Chris earned his B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is certified by the most sought after programs in the fitness industry.  He has many years of experience helping clients, of all abilities, learn real world fitness.  By using specific corrective exercise strategies and re-teaching functional movements, he can teach you how to move efficiently and pain free.    Chris was an integral member of the Bodyscapes personal training staff, which was awarded Boston’s Best Personal Trainers in 2006 by Boston Magazine.


  • B.S. Kinesiology
  • Crossfit Level I
  • CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep Course
  • USA Weightlifting
  • CrossFit KettleBell
  • Crossfit Nutrition
  • CrossFit Powerlifting
  • CrossFit Strongman
  • Crossfit Olympic  Weightlifting
  •  CrossFit Defense
  •  CrossFit Movement and Mobility
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Chris “Retta” Berretta

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?Chris was born and raised in East Bridgewater, Ma and graduated with an Exercise Science B.S. degree from the University of New Hampshire. Since an early age Chris has been fascinated with human physiology, mainly exercise and nutrition.  He has trained a wide demographic of individuals ranging from high school athletes to the geriatric population and everything in between. Chris’s goal as a coach is to constantly evolve, gather valuable information regarding fitness and share it with each person to help achieve their goals and fitness potential.  Outside of Crossfit, Chris enjoys outdoor activities, music, and of course cooking and eating.

Hometown – East Bridgewater, MA
How long have you been Crossfitting? 3.5 Years
If you had to pick one word to sum up your life, what would that word be?  Thoughtful
What would your ideal WOD include?  Clean and Jerks, Muscle Ups, Double Unders
What are you most passionate about in life?  Helping People Feel Better
What is your favorite thing about Crossfit Southie?  The fact that everyone is friendly. Every hour is a new wave of friends I get to spend time with.
What goal are you hoping to accomplish in the near future? Just improving in every aspect of my life, everyday.

Crossfit Accomplishments or Career Highlights: ?
Owner/Creator of custom performance mobility pack the MOBLOKO (include link to website

Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement:
Squat Snatch

Words of encouragement to new crossfitters:
You’re going to have that body for the rest of your life, listen to it and take care of it. Follow the instructions of your coaches, pay attention to detail, and focus on form and technique. Increase the intensity by doing more work, going faster or using heavier weights ONLY when you’ve mastered the basics! Have fun, push yourself, meet new people and try new things. Working out shouldn’t be a chore, but a positive part of your life. Oh ya, don’t stress over what you eat, just enjoy quality foods and the occasional treat.

B.S. University of New Hampshire
Level 1 Crossfit Certification
Coaches Prep Course
Crossfit Endurance Certification
Crossfit Kettlebell Certification
Crossfit Mobility & Movement
Functional Movement System Level 1 Certification
CPR Certification



Christina “Tina-mo” Morris

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2013 CrossFit NorthEast Regional Games 4th Place finishing CrossFit Southie Team Member

2013 CFRoute 1 Love em Or Leave em Champs

Christina graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with a  Bachelor’s degree in education. Her pursuit of a career in teaching led  her to move to Massachusetts to accept a job within a local charter  school. After a year of teaching, she realized that she loved working  with the youth but did not enjoy the legalities within the school  system. She decided to pursue a career in health-care by applying to the  post baccalaureate pre-med program at UMass. Within her first semester,  Christina heard through the grapevine about the “ kool-aid”  that the  people over at CrossFit Southie were drinking so she decided to give it a  try . Little did she know that her world would be completely  transformed.


CrossFit Level 1

Alec Chevalier

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2011 CrossFit NorthEast Regional Games 4th Place finishing CrossFit Southie Team Member

Alec has been playing sports and been involved in athletics from a very early age. Like many people however he became out of shape after high school and in college. Alec took up running after college as a way to lose weight and get back in shape. After a few years of running however he yearned for the competitive feeling and camaraderie he felt from organized sports. Luckily a friend introduced Alec to Crossfit in 2008 and from the very first workout he knew he was hooked. The friendly competitive nature of Crossfit and varied interesting workouts were what drew him in initially, and the fun and true Crossfit community is what has made Crossfit such a large part of his life.

Alec enjoys working with both experienced athletes and average people who are new to exercise or Crossfit. Alec is a huge proponent of the paleo diet and feels a combination of smart, clean nutrition and Crossfit workouts can lead everyone to health, athleticism, fitness and wellness. Alec enjoys helping athletes meet their goals and enjoys giving nutritional advice and tips.

Outside of Crossfit Alec enjoys eating and cooking local meat and veggies and keeping up on the nutritional literature.


  • BS Mechanical Engineering, Cornell University, 2004
  • Crossfit Level 1
  • Crossfit Football

Charlie Jones

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chuck KB toss
Chuck is a recent graduate of the Exercise and Health Science Program at UMass Boston. He is a former Marine Sergeant and overall junkie for all things CrossFit. He knew he had found “something special” after the first train wreck workout in late 2007. On his journey with CrossFit, he has been known to make a gym and train almost anywhere – from garages to beaches to the back of his car. Chuck’s approach to coaching is to always focus on what is best for the athlete to make gains, stay healthy, and have fun. Whether training elite athletes or beginners, he continually strives to constantly adapt the tools and skills available to clients, giving them a truly dynamic experience. His philosophy on CrossFit is that it should be not only physically and mentally challenging, but also a playful exploration of our full personal potential.


  • Associate of Arts and Sciences – Middlesex Community College
  • Bachelor of Science – University of Massachusetts Boston
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Olympic lifting
  • CrossFit Nutrition
  • CrossFit Coaches Prep
  • CrossFit Movement & Mobility
  • CrossFit Endurance
  • HKC Kettlebell Certification


Haley “Hales” Byrnes

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CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Movement & Mobility

CrossFit Endurance

USA Weightlifting L1SP

Certified Sports Nutritionist, International Fitness Association

BA English & Sociology, Emmanuel College 2010

CrossFit Accomplishments or Career Highlights:

3rd Place Northeast Regional Team Competitor, 2011

CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Team Competitor, 2011

2nd Place Northeast Regional Team Competitor, 2012

CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Team Competitor, 2012

4th Place Northeast Regional Team Competitor, 2013

Boston Marathon Finisher, 2010 & 2014

Favorite or Best CrossFit Movement: Anything involving a barbell!

Words of encouragement to new CrossFitters: Keep it fun! Nobody should dread coming to the gym every day. You’ll find that in the beginning, learning all of the new movements and terms can be overwhelming and, at times, frustrating. But don’t let it get you down! Instead of focusing on the things you cannot do (yet!), be proud of what you are accomplishing on a daily basis, and be sure to make friends with the person lifting on the platform next to you. Progress and performance will come with time as long as you continue to show up… which you are much more likely to do if you leave here each day with a smile on your face!

Born & raised in Medford, MA, Haley graduated from Emmanuel College in 2010 with a degree in English and Sociology. While training for the 2010 Boston Marathon, Haley found CrossFit. Bored with logging countless miles each day, she loved CrossFit’s constantly varied programming and competitive nature and quickly replaced her running shoes with oly shoes. Haley is a true example of the progress that can be achieved through CrossFit– going from being unable to do one pushup to competing on a team at the 2011 CrossFit Games
in just over a year. As a coach, she loves to help new athletes begin their own CrossFit journeys and exceed their expectations


 Julie “Jules” Arthur

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Born and raised here in Southie, Julie’s athletic background ranges from dancing and gymnastics early on to competitive cheer-leading during high school. After a case of the flu caused her to miss college cheer tryouts, she resorted to fitness classes and spinning to stay in shape. She fell in love with exercise and decided to make a career out of it. Julie received her B.S. in Exercise and Health Sciences at UMass Boston in 2011. During her time at UMass she held various internships all across the exercise spectrum. From working in gym and swim programs with disabled children to research on exercise and aging at Tufts New England Medical, she knew she made the right decision.  Wondering what all the buzz was about, she took her first ever class here at CrossFit Southie and was hooked (even after Coach Beretta’s double WOD!). Not only does it satisfy her competitive nature, but also seeing the immense impact on people’s health and wellness has made her want to take it a step further. She is currently enrolled in a nursing program with the goal of someday applying exercise and CrossFit as a form of medicine.   – B.S. Nursing, 2012- Present – B.S. Exercise and Health Sciences, 2011 – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, 2011 – CPR Certified at the Healthcare Provider Level, 2012



BSN Nursing

B.S. Exercise and Health Sciences

CrossFit Level 1 Certified


Crossfit Accomplishments or Career Highlights: 

2013 4th Place NorthEast Regional CrossFit Southie Team Member

37th Place Northeast 2013 Opens


Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement:

Muscle ups and handstand push ups

Words of encouragement to new cross fitters:

Give it time. There are countless movements you will encounter in your first few months of CrossFit and it can be overwhelming. Pick a handful of movements you have encountered so far that you want to focus on and attack them! As you progress in one, add another to the list. My advice is to pick one or two that you like, and one or two that you weren’t so fond of and try to hit them every week.


Joe Shamon

[email protected]

Bored with the typical, post-college “bench and tri’s, back and bi’s” training program, Joe first tried CrossFit in the summer of 2010.  After training on his own for a few months, Joe joined a new box opening in Boston: CrossFit Southie.  He was simultaneously overwhelmed and drawn in by the intensity of the workouts and the support of the community.  Joe’s goal as a coach is to give to the Southie community what CrossFit has given to him: a powerfully effective fitness program that leads to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.  Outside of the gym, you can find Joe playing guitar, watching sports, and eating.

  • BS Management, Providence College
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility
  • Jon North Olympic Weightlifting

Emily Porter

[email protected]
Emily graduated from Williams College in 2010 with a BA in Biology, and a minor in alpine ski racing. Post graduation, she really missed working out with a team and being physically challenged every day. Her brothers introduced her to CrossFit, and once she found CrossFit Southie, she knew she had filled that void in her life. She believes that CrossFit has immense mental and physical benefits both in and out of the box, and loves helping others realize those benefits and their potential. She is a third year medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine and would like to combine her passion for fitness with her career as a physician.
  • CrossFit Level 1


Patrick Bishop

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Patrick Bishop AKA “Bish” grew up in East Bridgewater Massachusetts.  He grew up a multiple sport athlete involved in ice hockey, football and track. Bish has a BS in movement science from Westfield State University with a concentration in sports medicine and health-fitness. After undergrad he moved on to refine his knowledge at the Hoffman Heart Institute at St. Frances medical center. Bish now works in Cardiology as a cardiac sonographer. He was introduced to CrossFit from our very own Coach Berretta and hasn’t looked back since. Bish has years of experience coaching and training young athletes as well as helping the general population reach their fitness goals.


CrossFit level 1, CrossFit Movement and Mobility (Sep 2014) / B.S Movement Science / Registered Cardiac Sonographer / ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement: Muscle upsWords of encouragement to new CrossFitters: Every day is about being healthier than you were yesterday.

Where did you grow up? East Bridgewater, Ma· How long have you been Crossfitting? June of 2011

· If you had to pick one word to sum up your life, what would that word be? Organized

· What would your ideal WOD include? A heavy barbell movement mixed with a body weight movement and obviously built in rest

· What are you most passionate about in life? My family and friends, my health and my career

· What is your favorite thing about Crossfit Southie? The community. The smiling faces, pats on the back and high fives always have you coming back for more.

· What goal are you hoping to accomplish in the near future? I hope to get stronger, faster and healthier every day and help other people do the same because health is wealth.


Chris “HAM” Cunningham

[email protected]

HAM Rope Climb

2012 &2013 First responders Challenge 1st place finish “Shamrockers” team member

Chris “HAM” Cunningham was originally introduced to CrossFit in 2006 and has been an active member of CrossFit Southie since 2010.  As a member of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, physical fitness is the difference between life and death.  HAM has used CrossFit as that “X” factor to maintain a high level of fitness and ability to always accomplish the mission.  HAM has competed in the CrossFit Open in the last 3 years as well as The CrossFit First Responder Challenge.  He loves a good team workout and the comraderie built throughout CrossFit.  Chris received his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate in April 2012 and is extremely excited to play a more integral part in the CrossFit Southie community.

Degree/Certificates: CrossFit Level I Certificate, CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certificate

CrossFit Accomplishments or Career Highlights: Every-time I see the light go off in an athlete’s head during a difficult or complex movement. They feel it. They took one step closer to mastering it. They get pumped up about it. They nailed it.

Favorite or Best CrossFit Movement: Squat Snatch. It’s not my best movement, but it really brings everything together. Speed, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, balance. It hits on everything.

Words of encouragement to new CrossFitters: Maximize your time at the gym. There’s only an hour for each class. Whether you show up a few minutes early, right on time, or stay a little after, use your time wisely. Take every warm-up as a way to increase range of motion and start the motor. Spend a few minutes working on the tough movements of a class in those few minutes before. Don’t be afraid to ask a coach for help!

Where did you grow up?  Rockland, MA

How long have you been Crossfitting? I was introduced to CrossFit in 2006 and followed the main site sporadically for a few years until Southie opened.

If you had to pick one word to sum up your life, what would that word be? Blessed

What would your ideal WOD include? This changes all the time. Probably Snatch, GHD and a 200m run.

What are you most passionate about in life? Probably the most difficult question to answer. Family. Friends. Being there for others.

What is your favorite thing about Crossfit Southie? The resources! Meaning coaches, friends, equipment, space etc.

What goal are you hoping to accomplish in the near future? Pistols

Andrea Cooke

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andrea-ohs-764x1024 andrea1-682x1024


CrossFit Level 1

BA Psychology, University of Connecticut, 2010

Masters in Social Work, Boston College, 2015

Crossfit Accomplishments or Career Highlights: 

6th place Northeast Regional Team Competitor- 2014

CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Team Competitor- 2012

2nd place Northeast Regional Team Competitor- 2012

Hometown West Hartford, CT

How long have you been Crossfitting? About 3 years.

Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement: Squats, running, and socializing.

What are you most passionate about in life? Providing support, advocacy, and assistance to the underprivileged, disadvantaged youth population. Bringing awareness to the vast inequalities that some of our adolescent population faces.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit Southie? The people that I have met and friends that I have made. I never thought that some of my closest friends would be those that I met at a gym!

What goal are you hoping to accomplish in the near future? To become a more well-rounded, confident athlete. Graduate with my MSW in 2015 and start a career I am excited about.

Words of encouragement to new CrossFitters: Always acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments. It is hard not to get wrapped up in wanting to see and experience immediate success, gains, and improvements. Keep track of your workouts, numbers, and goals. You will look back and see how much you have accomplished and that will be a huge aid in fueling your fire, and continuing to challenge yourself.


Dale Kearney

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Dale2 Dale-400x600 photo(16)

After graduating college in 2011, Dale needed something that would challenge him both mentally and physically. Something that would push him to be better than he was yesterday, everyday. In the summer of 2012 Dale found that challenge….. Crossfit. Dale learned at a young age that to be successful at anything you can’t just be talented. Many people have talent. But It’s the ones who combine that talent with hard work and determination that breed success. To find such a positive community at Crossfit Southie that always wants to work hard and better themselves inspires Dale on a daily basis. Being able to push his mind and body past it’s limits of exhaustion that he didn’t think possible and being able to share those experiences with others on a daily basis is like no other. Dale looks forward to helping out members of Crossfit Southie achieve their goals and push new limits and is thankful to be part of such a great community.

IMG_2281 photo(22)

Tracy Lippincott

[email protected]


Tracy has been an athlete her whole life, participating in a variety of individual and team sports ranging from Gymnastics to Pole Vault. Throughout the last 14 years she has trained with Olympic Pole Vault coach Rick Suhr and Gold Medalist Jenn Suhr leading her to compete collegiately. After receiving All American Honors for Pole Vault and a B.S. degree in Broadcasting she began coaching Track and Field as well as Strength and Conditioning at the University of Rochester in 2008. A year later she moved to Boston, MA where she worked as a pre-school teacher and fitness instructor at Healthworks. A couple years later she joined the United States Coast Guard, which brought to Staten Island. Although her past coaching and teaching fulfilled the desire to keep sports and education in her life it wasn’t until she discovered CrossFit in Feburary 2012 that she was re-inspired as an athlete and shortly after as a coach. Her passion to compete both with and against others has been rejuvenated recently within the CrossFit Community. Tracy loves the competitive atmosphere that CrossFit provides and looks forward to pushing athletes to reach their personal goals as well as being pushed by others to reach her own. Recently the Coast Guard has brought her back to Boston where she can continue to influence as well as be influenced by the great members here at Crossfit Southie.

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.” Tom Krause

Chris “Cliff” Harris


 -Grew up in Holliston, MA and Graduated from Suffolk University with a Degree in Business

-Has been involved in sports from a very young age; football, lacrosse, track, and basketball

-Loves outdoor activities and anything competitive

-After colleague I found myself with screws in my right wrist, reconstructed ACL/MCL left knee, reconstructed ACL/Meniscus in my right knee, and was told I may never successfully play sports at 100% effort again.  Running and lifting in a basic gym was not enough.  My cousins, which most are currently in the service, introduced me to Crossfit.  As soon as I was cleared from my most recent surgery I joined Crossfit Southie, this past Summer and fell in love with the community, intensity, and life it brought to me… I was completely hooked.

-I love helping others meet their goals and seeing the excitement it creates

-I love working and inspiring people with injuries in their past, correctly and efficiently move past what they thought their limits were.

-Elite fitness is my passion

Degree/Certificates: Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Accomplishments or Career Highlights: Level 1 Certified, Crossfit Coach on East & West Coast, Coach at one of the BEST Crossfit Box’s in the world!!

Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement: Squat Clean / Clean & Jerk / Squat Clean Thruster (when shoulder is 100%) & Muscle Up

Words of encouragement to new crossfitters: Get ready to see yourself achieve things and do things you never imagined. Some things will be difficult to learn and require lots of practice and repeition. Record your expeirences and gains! NEVER forget the importance of form, tehcnique, and mobility. Leave your ego at the door – this is a marathon not a sprint (even when you do Fran!). Have fun, make friends, communicate, and listen to your body!!

Will Gambee

willy g

Rachel Goose Szakmary

rachel sled push


  • CF-L1 Trainer/ Diane Fu Barbell LII Seminar/ Attitude Nation L-1 Seminar
  • B.A., UNC- Chapel Hill (Journalism & Mass Communication)/ M.A. , Boston University (City & Regional Planning & Policy)

Crossfit Accomplishments or Career Highlights:

2013, 2014 NE Regional Crossfit Team Member

2014 NPFL Boston Combine

Favorite or Best Crossfit Movement:

The Snatch, even though I can’t hit my highest numbers on this one, I love it because it demands the most out of all the movements in its timing, body demands and discipline.

Words of encouragement to new CrossFitters: CrossFit is more of a mental game then a physical one, take everything one movement or round at a time.  Set goals but don’t forget about the work.


Dan Rosenberg


Dan discovered CrossFit in 2010 when a friend from high school wouldn’t stop talking about it, and joined Crossfit Southie soon after. After a couple years of enjoying the fantastic community and coaching at Southie, he began gravitating towards the Olympic lifts, which have since become his obsession. Dan is constantly amazed that two movements can be so simple in theory yet have such infinite technical complexity. He is a geek about efficiency in human movement, and is excited to help others begin a lifelong journey towards mastering the snatch and clean and jerk.

Dan can often be found on the platforms making jokes about how a set of five is “totally cardio”, and desperately trying to prove that really tall athletes can succeed at movements other than rowing and wallballs. Outside the gym, he hacks computers professionally, and enjoys spending time with his wife (and fellow Southie athlete) Meghan and playing music.


* USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
* Robinson Weightlifting team member
* BS and MS Computer Science, Brown University

Natalie Johnson

[email protected]

Natalie received her BA with an entrepreneur/mgt major. Always being a “hands on” sort of spirit, she decided to attend massage therapy school. She was not positive that this would be the path for her, though she knew she really enjoyed a naturalistic approach to healing and making people feel better.

Natalie attended massage therapy school, first , in San Diego, CA. After 8 months, Natalie missed the East coast and came back and finished at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA. She did the accelerated program with studies consisting of acupressure, sports massage, myofascial release, trigger point work, and deep tissue. Her first event she did through school was the 2007 Boston marathon(the really cold and windy one). She really became interested in the deep work aspect of Massage, the honing in on specific tightness and releasing the pain(“knots”). Her first job out of school was at big spa in Providence, RI. while she enjoyed the spa atmosphere, she realized her skills were wasted on light touch. That’s when she made the move to Boston and has been working with a clinical approach to massage for 3 years. Her clientele consists of Cross-fitters, ultra-marathoners, tri-athletes, and everyday workers with repetitive use issues.

Some of her latest continuing education classes include Stretching techniques, deep tissue massage for problem areas, and Orthopedic assessment.

Natalie has always had a love for sports. Growing up in a household where her brother was on ice skates at two, and her dad working for a Professional Hockey team, it’s no wonder that she played field hockey. She also enjoys softball, golf and BOWLING!! Recently she has found herself entering into little races. Some of which she has completed was the 5k St. Paddy’s Day Somerville, a 5 miler in Jamaica Plains and the Harpoon 5 miler. She enjoys the challenge and gradually increasing mileage that she did her first half marathon last year.

When she is not working or enjoying the outdoors, she is taking in a Sox/Celtics game, or on the look out for upcoming concerts. Next, Natalie hopes to get training in Kiniesio Taping, pregnancy massage, and thai stretching.

Check out Natalie’s website:


  • CrossFit Level 1

Tamara Wyzanski

[email protected]

Tamara was born and raised in Cambridge and found yoga at 17. Tamara danced ballet intensively throughout high school, so when her neighbor (a Harvard squash player) asked if she wanted to come to Baron Baptiste’s Power Vinyasa yoga studio in Porter Square for an introductory class, she gladly accepted. Ever since that 102 degree heated yoga class, Tamara’s relationship to her body, mind, and life experiences were transformed. Through college stress and young professional post-college transition in San Francisco 3,000 miles away one thing was always there: yoga. In August, 2012 Tamara completed her Level 1 Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga certification and has become a regular yoga instructor at Boston Sports Club. She has also taught in Mattapan at a family resource center to provide yoga for those who might not get access to it otherwise.

Ironically though, Tamara’s yoga practice fell to the wayside in the fall of 2012. While training for her second marathon, New York City, she was CrossFitting up to six days a week, TAMARA WYZANSKI photo 2hardly doing yoga, and lacking the time and energy to focus on proper nutrition and hydration. A week before the NYC Marathon, Tamara was hospitalized for three days due to kidney failure; her doctor said if she had attempted running the race she would have done irreversible kidney damage.

“I learned in the most devastating way that more is not always more; and I think athletes—whether avid CrossFitters or marathoners or Tough Mudders or rowers—can use the practice of yoga to remember that less can often times mean more. And, beating your body up through WODs and races can take a tremendous toll on the body. For me, yoga isn’t about contorting your body into a pretzel, but rather about the idea of letting go, dropping your expectations and attachment to what you want to be like/look like, and tapping into feeling. For me, it’s constantly checking in with myself on and off the mat: what does this feel like? Because if I had truly asked myself that question a year ago before I was hospitalized I would have told you I felt like absolute shit. And I would have given my body a break.

Ever since that experience I have changed my CrossFit membership to just three days a week, I practice yoga regularly at South Boston yoga or Baptiste’s studio, and I have re-committed to my mental and physical practice. My goal is to help CFS members work on their flexibility but also spend an hour a week taking care of their bodies. I always tell my students: if it doesn’t feel good you are not doing it right. My Sunday morning class will be restorative, relaxing, and about gearing up for another week of hard work.”

Tamara holds a B.A. in Women and Gender Studies from Bates College and will be graduating in May, 2014 with a Masters Degree in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health. Tamara has been CrossFitting since December, 2011 at CrossFit Boston and joined CF Southie in June, 2013. She has completed six half marathons, has completed human nutrition coursework at Tufts University, and is currently re-training for the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 3, 2013.


Sean Peters

[email protected]


Sean is an alumni from Berklee college of music with a focus in Trumpet Performance. As he was attending, he began to notice the consistent strain and overuse injuries that manifest from a musicians repetitive strain. He left Berklee to attend the Cortiva Institute of Boston. While he was there, he realized that he found music at the same time that he found bodywork. The very year when he started playing the trumpet, he broke his arm and began seeing a chiropractor that his family sees to this day. It was then he knew that it was meant to be a good career and life choice.

He gravitated toward neuromuscular, deep tissue, sports, myofascial and structural. Also, he has completed an orthopedic certification program to further his knowledge. Forever a student in finding balance, Sean approaches his massages as a way to achieve mental, physical, and emotion alacrity. Where there is imbalance, there is compensation; where there is compensation, there is habit. His goal is to work with his clients as a team to find these habits, and slowly work through them as well as getting the “kinks” out.

He is still a musician and frequently performs around the New England area.  Sean will be performing massage on Monday 8-3, Wednesday 12-7 and some Saturdays.