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CrossFit Southie is located at the intersection of Dorchester Ave and D St in South Boston. We can be reached easily off of I-93 via exit 16 or a short walk (<1/2 mile) from the Andrew and Broadway Redline T stations. We have 15,000 sq ft. of indoor space, making us one of the largest CrossFit facilities in the NorthEast.  We have ceilings that reach 30 ft high, and all the toys a CrossFitter desires, including ceiling suspended rings, climbing ropes, prowlers, yokes, Oly blocks, speciality bars, GHDs, tires, chains, air dynes, over 30 ERGs, etc..!  We also have four large restrooms and six showers available for you to clean up after you workout. Come check us out… Parking We are fortunate to have as much parking as we do at CFS, it is very rare in the city! However, we do share our lot and need to be considerate of our neighbors so they continue to let us flip tires, push prowlers and sprint through their property. If you park your car in their way or on private property they have the right to tow you. The lot next to Southie Orange is NOT our parking lot. It is our neighbors property and they have been tolerant of all of our running around and an occasional car here or there, but they lose all patience when we are disturbing their business. So let’s stay out of their way. Below are some general rules:

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  • The lot in front of Green and Orange is always fair game.
  • All parking on the street is non-residential and first come first serve.
  • Hilti closes at 5pm you can park in those spots after 5pm.
  • The lot next to Orange belongs to Pier Transmission. You can park there in the morning ONLY if you are leaving by 7am. You may park there after 5pm and on weekends but ONLY if you do not block any cars or the through-way. Tow trucks need to be able to drive through, if you block them they will tow you.
  • The fence along the running path is your safest option if there is no parking. Park close to it, please.
  • 9am,11am and 12pm- Your only options are our lot, street, or the fence. Mid-day is always when we get the greatest number of complaints.
  • At no time ever is it okay to park in front of a garage door or loading dock. This impedes deliveries and causes a lot of problems. 

Thank you for your consideration! We want to make sure we are being respectful to our neighbors and keep you all happy too.


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