Benchmark: “Bossman”


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Scavenger Hunt last weekend! We had so much fun and got a great workout in running around the city. To check out all of the photos, click HERE!

We still need judges for the Southie Showdown! If you are available to help at any point on November 8 & 9, please click HERE to sign up. All judges receive a t-shirt and lunch from Paleo Power Meals. We are very thankful for your help!

Sumo Deadlift

5 Rounds
5 Deadlifts (275,185)
15 Wallballs

Level 2 (225, 135)
Level 1 (155, 95)

50 Hollow Rocks
40 Sit-ups
30 Side plank raises (15 each side)

Click here for scores/comments from our “Bossman” post from 9/2/11

Conditioning Class: WOD
Row 40 Calories
Run 400m
Rest 3 minutes
Row 30 Calories
Run 300m
Rest 2 minutes
Row 20 Calories
Run 200m
Rest 1 minutes
Row 10 Calories
Run 100m

Conditioning Class: Core
20 Kettlebell Weighted Glute Bridges
50 Supermans
20 Kettlebell Weighted Glute Bridges

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Storing Gear Overnight

On Friday (10/24) afternoon, we will be moving any overnight gear to the racking in the mobility room. With the fast approaching cooler weather, we would like to keep the cubbies up front open for members to store their layers and belongings during classes.  If you have shoes, belts, journals, water bottles that you keep at the gym overnight, we will store them in the mobility room going forward.  Thank you for your consideration.


pic was taken during non class hours – Yowserz!

IMG_0371 (1)

we’ve got all this room back here – use me!

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Hump Day Partner WOD



Superhero 5K – This Sunday!
The Southie Endurance crew will be participating in the Superhero 5K on Sunday, October 26 in Cambridge, MA. This will be an excellent test of your endurance training on a great course. You could even dress up as a superhero if you wanted! Even if you haven’t been training with the Endurance classes, we hope you can step outside of your comfort zone and join the Southie crew for this race. It will be a good time!
To sign up, please click HERE and use the code SOUTHIE20 to receive 20% off of your registration.

Breast Cancer Awareness Rock Tape
Our Functional Movement screener/chiropractor Wes Hendricks and his co workers will be here tonight from 5-6:30pm to provide pink rock tape for breast cancer awareness. Show up early before class and get taped up.  For more info on Rock Tape click here.

November CFS Boot Camp


The Details:
Dates: Monday November 3rd – Friday November 28th
Weekdays: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
More info here.
Spots are limited to 25, to sign up click HERE!

We still need judges for the Southie Showdown! If you are available to help at any point on November 8 & 9, please click HERE to sign up. All judges receive a t-shirt and lunch from Paleo Power Meals. We are very thankful for your help!

3 Strict Pull-ups

-For Assistance add a band
-For Difficulty add load

Partner WOD
25 Minute AMRAP
200m Sandbag Run (3,2) / sub 250m Row if it is pouring out
10 Power Snatches (95,65)
10 Clapping Push-ups

Level 2- (75,55)
Level 1- (65,35)

*1 Partner works at a time. Score=total rounds

Mobility Class:
Partner Hamstring/Shoulder Stretching

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Showdown Event 2 Release- “GamePlan”

Establish a max weight for the complex:
1 Hang Squat Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
An attempt will be made every 2 minutes for 10 minutes.

Each athlete must begin at one of the predetermined starting weights and are allowed 2 attempts during the 2 minute interval. If successful the athlete will ascend in  weight every 2 minutes in increments of 10lbs for the RX men, and 5lbs for the other divisions.

Each athlete will choose from one of the following weights to for their opening lift:
RX Men 135,155,175,195,205
RX Women 85,95,105,115,135
Scaled Men 85,95,105,115,135
Scaled Women 45,55,65,75,85

A  maximum of 2 attempts at each weight. For safety reasons, in order for a rep to be successful the bar/athlete must remain in their lane throughout the entire lift. If both attempts are failed, the athlete may not continue on. A maximum of 5 sets of weights can be attempted.

The athlete may accumulate deadlifts as a tiebreaker. Deadlifts may not be started until the one minute mark and will add one point each to the total weight lifted. Two attempts at the complex are not necessary before accumulating deadlifts at the one minute mark. If you do not make your starting weight, your score will be the number of deadlifts completed in the minute.

Movement Standards
Hang Squat Snatch- The athlete must establish a clear pause at the hip before attempting the hang snatch. The bar may not descend below the knee once the hang is established. If the bar descends below the knee or is dropped, this will count as a failed attempt. One fluid movement is required in the RX divison. A power snatch into overhead squat, followed by 2 more overhead squats to complete the complex, is acceptable for the scaled division but not for the Rx division. At the bottom the hip crease must pass below the knee. Full extension must be shown at the top with control of the bar and feet underneath the hips.
Overhead Squat- Hip crease below the knee, full extension at the top with control of the bar.
DeadLift – Both plates touch the ground at the same time, full extension with shoulders, hips and ankles stacked at the top. Touch and go is permitted but bouncing will not be allowed.

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Mobility for Pullups


“I don’t care about getting an unassisted pull ups” – Said no one ever. Pull ups are awesome. Not only do they look cool, they build incredible amounts of upper body pulling strength, and more importantly help our back, shoulders and arms looked totally ripped. Sure, progress can be achieved by following a strength building program that includes strict pull ups, varied grips, supersets, etc but I want to focus on the mobility side of the movement. Opening up the lats, chest and thoracic spine we will allow our bodies to function most efficiently. Train smarter, not harder.

pull 1 With your arms over your head place a roller in the middle of the back while draping yourself over it like a towel on a towel rack. This will allow the back to effectively flex and extend helping to transfer energy from our hips to our shoulders. Spend a few minutes working all the way to the top of your shoulders.

pull 4 Pretend as if you are a SI swimsuit model striking a pose on the beach. Then place a large ball under your arm pit targeting the insertion of your lat muscle. Rotate side to side to loosen up the muscle mainly responsible for your pull ups. No pain face, blue steel only.

pull 2Using a looped stretching strap, pvc pipe, or rubber band lengthen and loosen up the chest muscles by performing standard pass throughs. Keep your midline tight, elbows straight and remember to spend the most time in that “sticky spot” behind your back.

If you want to improve your pull ups you must put the work into a strength building program but more importantly your mobility before class, after class, during class and at home. Don’t over think it, just do it. 5-15 minutes per day is enough to feel and see change/progress. Remember, if you do not have the proper mobility tools check out WWW.MOBLOKO.COM for your own personal mobility kit. CFS members receive a discount so take advantage!

We still need judges for the Southie Showdown! If you are available to help at any point on November 8 & 9, please click HERE to sign up. All judges receive a t-shirt and lunch from Paleo Power Meals. We are very thankful for your help!

Kettlebell Work
-RX Classes (KB Snatches, KB OHS)
- L1/L2 (windmills, KB clean, KB press)

Calories on the Rower
Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)
Double Unders x2

Level 2 (1,0.75)
Level 1 (0.75,0.5), 2x’s singles, 40-30-20-10

Conditioning Class: WOD
Odd – 15/12 Calories on Airdyne
Even – Run 100m

Conditioning Class: Core
With a medicine ball:
3 Rounds
20 Knee Tucks
20 Russian Twists
20 Sit ups

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