The Perfect Proposal

tom and melissa with ring

tom and melissatom and melissa hug

At the risk of overkill,  I wanted to thank everyone at CF one more time for helping me make Saturday as memorable and special for Melissa as possible.  When I thought of the idea, I was initially apprehensive as I didn’t want to appear like I was seeking out attention.  However,  it seemed to make sense if I could pull it off, as Melissa and I met at CF Southie and have developed a great circle of friends who we hang out with outside of the box.   After talking to multiple people, we all agreed it was the right idea.  

What I wasn’t prepared for, was the overwhelming amount of genuine enthusiasm from the entire community.  Our friends were incredibly eager to help plan and contribute to the event, however they went above and beyond.  They rescheduled plans and some showed up even though they couldn’t work out.  Most importantly,  they helped me keep a secret for an entire week. 

The coaches were nothing short of incredible, starting with making the WOD proposal friendly.  Christina and Haley made sure the morning ran smoothly, distracting Melissa so we could smuggle in ciders and cupcakes,  taking pictures, and even reminding me mid-class to pick a song for the big event.  Chuck rescheduled his trip to the Cape, so he could take pictures on his day off. His Facebook post with captioned photos captured the entire event perfectly.  Lastly, Andrea coached a great class and kept track of our rounds to make sure the entire class would be back in time.
I also wasn’t prepared for the final moments, when I finished my run the entire group started yelling as we waited for Melissa. Its not on the videos that I’ve seen, but a few seconds before Melissa made it back,  I turned to everyone and said “you guys are the freaking best” and I really meant it.  
There aren’t many places where something like this is possible, we’re fortunate to be a part of one where it is.  Crossfit is about a lot of things including physical development and overcoming mental challenges.  However,  most of all its about the people,  and ours kick ass.
Tom and Melissa

September Bootcamp starts tomorrow.  It’s not to late for your friends to sign up.  Click here for more details.

GameFace Media will be at the box all day on Wednesday taking pictures. Get ready to update your profile pic!

Back Squat

-Between sets complete 10 lateral steps in each direction with thera-band

Toes to Bar
Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)

Level 2 (1.5,1)
Level 1 (1,0.75)

Conditioning Class – WOD:
5 Rounds
In 3 minute, complete:
400m Run + AMRAP Burpees
Rest 1 minute

Conditioning Class – Core:
3 Rounds
10 GHD Sit Ups
10 Back Extensions
*ADV: add weight

tom and melissa with ring

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All levels classes at 9am,10am, 11am and noon  in Southie Green.  The gym will close promptly at 1pm today.

“Successful people aren’t born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people don’t like to do. The successful people don’t always like these things themselves; they just get on and do them.”

I can probably guess that many of you, like myself will look at this wod and immediately want to write it off. Not for fear of the moderately heavy clean and jerks, but rather by the mile run to start, half mile sandwiched in the middle, followed by yet another mile! For many, running is something heavily avoided, especially longer distances within a workout. I want to encourage you to scroll back and look at this workout again. Think to yourself of ways in which you can destrominate it rather than let it get the best of you. And if you start the workout, well then damn well finish the whole thing as you intended to. For example, it would be much easier to shorten that last mile run into 400 m because “I felt way to tired after 42 heavy clean and jerks.” Why in the world would you let a workout defeat you like that?! Finish it exactly as you intended when you started it. Go on, get after it because secretly deep down you know you want to!

Hero WOD
Run 1 mile
21 Clean and Jerks (155,105)
Run 800 meters
21 Clean and Jerks (155,105)
Run 1 Mile

Level 3 (135,95)
Level 2, 800/400/800(115,80)
Level 1 800/400/800 (75,55)

Mobility Class:

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Better Off Not Dropping

We'll Miss You Henry!

We’ll Miss You Henry!

No Yoga today

Overhead Squat

4 Rounds
5 Power Snatch (135/95)
10 Overhead Squats (135,95)
15 Pull-ups

Level 3- (115,80)
Level 2- (95,65)
Level 1- (75,45)

At Home WOD
100 jumping jacks
75 air squats
50 push ups
25 burpees

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Paleo Challenge Update!

Parking Lot Fun

Parking Lot Fun

Labor Day Schedule- We will be running a normal schedule today.  Yoga is cancelled on Sunday but otherwise a normal general class schedule.  On Monday will be running a reduced schedule at 9am,10am, 11am and noon All Level classes in Southie Green.  The gym will close promptly at 1pm.

Feel like your diet needs a little revamping? Well get excited because we will kickstarting our annual fall Paleo Challenge within the next few weeks!!! Leave your calendar open on Tuesday, September 9th in order attend our paleo lecture seminar at 7 pm. If you plan on attending please sign up here. Looking forward to our biggest crowd to date! The lecture will include a general discussion of the paleo diet in addition to rules and  guidelines to follow when logging. Don’t miss out!

Partner WOD
One Partner works at a time
7 Rounds Each:
5 Burpees
7 Over the Box Jumps
9 Wallballs
Once all 7 Rounds are complete
1 400m Sprint Each

Level 2- 4,6,8 or 6 Rounds
Level 1- 3,4,6 or 5 Rounds

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Slamming Bars & Crushin’ PRs!

Rachel Going Over the Importance of a Neutral Spine

Rachel Going Over the Importance of a Neutral Spine

We couldn’t be more proud of the progress that we have seen over this past summer. The summer tends to be a tough time to make gains and see progress. Keep up the hard work! Don’t forget, if you don’t tell us that you PR’d we won’t know. Simply let your coach know after class when you report your scores on the whiteboard- we’ll make a note of it so your accomplishments get recognized!

LJ & sarah

Congratulations to Sarah & John (aka Lil’ John, aka LJ) on their recent engagement! We couldn’t be happier for you guys :)

Overhead Squat
Pieta 83 x 3
Brian 175 x 2
Danielle 85 x 2
Cole 145 x 2

Front Squat
Melissa 165 x 1
Joe 145 x 1
Mel 170 x 1
Ildi 55 x 1
George 245 x 1
Martine 171 x 1
Gambee 315 x 1
Kel 145 x 2
Nate 225 x 2
Allie 125 x 2
Jonathan 185 x 1
Martine 170 x 1
Amanda 100 x 1
Jenny 104 x 1
Bonnie 130 x 1
Michael 175 x 1
Abdu 175 x 1
Nate 175 x 1
Kelli 175 x 1
Crystal 190 x 1

Enzo 185 x 5
Jo 145 x 2
Gabby 155 x 2

Rebecca 150 x 2
Joe 185 x 2
Nick 405 x 2
Barrow 350 x 2
Derek 350 x 2

Shoulder to Overhead
Lynne 130 x 2 Push Press
Turch 125 x 1 Push Jerk
Nathaniel 145 x 1Push Press
Tom B. 200 x 1 Push Jerk

Squat Clean
Gwen 80
Marc P 275
Melissa 135

In other news…
Kari 1st pullup unassisted
Jill M. 1st muscle up
Joyce Rx pushups for full WOD
Monica 24″ box jumps in a WOD
Derek H 1st muscle up
Tim R. 1st muscle up

Front Squat

20 Hang Power Cleans (135,95)
200m Run
18 Hang Power Cleans
200m Run
16 Hang Power Cleans
200m Run
14 Hang Power Cleans
200m Run
12 Hang Power Cleans
200m Run

Level 2 (115,75)
Level 1 (95,45)

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