*Schedule Update – We will be  hosting a CrossFit Level 1 coaches course all weekend and will not be running classes.  Get your classes in early this week.  If you are unable to make it in for your designated classes you may make them up next week. *

Personally I think one of the best things about being a member at a CrossFit box is the community that personifies that particular box. At CrossFit Southie it is no secret that we pride ourselves on the outstanding community that surrounds us that is on display every morning, ever evening, at the Garage Games, or any outside social event where 75 people show up to hang out. Lets look at what makes this community.

The Box: Anyone who has been around to other Crossfit boxes knows that we have a world class facility at CF Southie. 2 enormous spaces, tons of equipment, great bathroom/shower facilities. It doesn’t get much better at a gym in general let alone a CrossFit box. Im pleasantly surprised almost every class when people take it upon themselves to keep this all as good as it is. I love when I see people cleaning up not only after themselves but each other post wod. You don’t understand how much of a help it is to us trainers and your fellow members when you do things like wipe down bars, balls, abmats, and chalk explosions, or keep the facilities clean after you use them. Keep this going and Southie will continue being the best there is.

The People: Starting at the top with Goose and Amy, two of the best at running a business and promoting this awesome community, all the way down to the newest member, CrossFit Southie has amazing people. There is such a positive attitude around the box its almost unreal, especially when comparing experiences I have had at other places and in other athletic endeavors. Again, lets keep this going. Keep cheering and encouraging each other during workouts, help out with someone that looks like they are struggling or at least point them in the right direction, and generally just keep being awesome while you are here. The people make this place special. Rock on.

The Experience: CrossFit is amazing for more reasons than I have time to explain. Part of what makes CrossFit a community driven sport is that its success or failure relies so much on the people involved and what they take/give to it. I want to specifically touch on how much we can all take from fully embracing this community spirit and taking advantage of what we have when at the box. At Southie we have people who have served/are serving in the military, we have professional and collegiate athletes, we have business owners, teachers, doctors, bartenders, coaches, firefighters, police, nurses, moms, dads, grandparents, and more new and different people every day. Work together when you can. You might learn something new, whether it be a different way of looking at the third pull of the snatch, or that you have more in common with a fellow member than just loving CrossFit.

Lastly, the awesomeness of the community is all about respect. Respect what we have here. Respect each other, that everyone starts from a different place and that the path to wellness is an individual process. Respect the ways of the gym, whether that is showing up to class on time, listening and understanding the nature of the days work, or knowing your weights and scores and putting them on the board. Respect this community. You all are the ones that make it what it is.

Split Jerk

20 Shoulder to overhead (135/95)
300m Row
15 Shoulder to overhead
300m Row
10 Shoulder to overhead
300m Row
5 Shoulder to overhead
300m Row

L3 – (115/80)
L2 – (95/65)
L1 – (75/35)

  • Shree Mulay

    How bad to you want it?

  • Shree Mulay

    WHOA! Think about doing 5-6 different WODs in a day!

  • Joe

    Awesome post. The Southie community never fails to impress.

    Jerk: 205×2
    WOD: 12:54 Rx

  • Nick

    Jerk: 255×2 PR, 265×1 PR

    WOD: 7:45 RX

  • Jaime

    This is such a great post! I agree that the people/community is what makes Crossfit Southie so awesome!
    Jerk 135×2
    WOD 11:24 Rx

  • Scott L.

    Hooray for the community at Crossfit Southie.

    WOD: 13:08 using 115# (L3) << good improvement
    Split Jerk: 155# << great because after a workout

    Personal Goal: by February 1 be able to do all workouts as Rx.

  • sarahp

    i love this post and this wod!

    wod: 8:06 rx
    split jerk: 175×2 pr

  • James S.

    wod: 11:55 RX
    Split Jerk: 145 x 2, could get past 2nd set post wod because everything was tight/sore/smoked… Also, love all of the barbell work in the wods recently….

  • Jaime

    holy shit borg

  • Andrea

    wod- 8:01rx

    Too tired to do the split jerk…lame.
    Borg dominated the split.

  • Hamburger

    WOD 7:10Rx

  • Daniel B.

    Split Jerk: 185
    WOD 10:31 (L3)

  • Lil John

    225 x 2
    WOD: 9:05 rx

  • Arik

    Split Jerk
    135 – 155 – 175 – 185 – 205 (1), Got the second rep moving but just couldn’t get there. Next time!

    12:18 L3 Nothing like have Goose standing behind you and telling you to get your ass in gear.