We will hosting a Hero WOD this Saturday to honor our fallen Boston FireFighters.  If you would like to donate to their families we will have more info on Saturdays post on how to donate online as well as donation jars at the gym .

Thrusters (95,65)

Level 2- (75,50)
Level 1- (65,35)

  • Jason

    3:46 Rx …25 second PR.. was fun watching the 530am Fran-crushing going on!

  • Kara

    6:01RX no fran lung, no wheezing… I could have hustled a little more. I should have placed myself near Laurence and Jenn so I could chase them! fast girls at 530!

  • Crowley

    3:33rx – 6 second PR, started out strong but died on the pull-up bar

    Looking forward to the retest after the paleo challenge!

  • Alec

    2:52Rx, no PR but still got a good dose of Fran lung. Some BIG PRs this morning at 5:30!

  • KC

    September 9th = 6:41
    Today = 5:42

  • James Saunders

    Fran – 5:36 (21 second PR) + no Fran Lung
    Great job 4:30pm! Lots of hard work and some MASSIVE PRs!

  • Marc Piccuirro

    9/12 5:02
    11/12 3:56
    9/13 3:02
    4/14 2:33

  • Leann Christina

    5:29 RX- that’s a 1:20 min PR wooo!
    I have to give all the credit to Marc HTK Piccuirro (who PRed with 2:33!) for making me do 21 thrusters unbroken!

  • JBo

    My body still isn’t fully recovered from 14.5 so decided against Rx thrusters at 95lbs.
    8:30 L2 – which is a 3 min & 22 sec improvement over my last L2 time in September 2013. I’ll take it!
    Marc did absolutely amazing. VERY impressive. And thanks to the 4:30pm class for helping me get through the last round.