Getting Started

Intro Session

During our no obligation, complimentary intro session, one of our professional coaches will take you through the essential movements used in CrossFit, answer any questions you may have about the program and put you through a short, intense WOD to give you a taste of what we do. The purpose of this session is to help us serve you better by getting to know your goals and expectations, fitness level, and experience. At the end of your session, we’ll recommend the membership options and programs that would be best suited for you. Intro sessions are by appointment only and are required before you can sign up for any other classes.

Each and every Saturday at 12pm and Thursday at 7pm, we hold a free intro class for anyone interested in learning more about the program. These are the only time we hold introductory classes and attendance is mandatory before entering into classes. If you would like to attend an upcoming intro session, please sign up here.

CrossFit Classes

Each of our classes is led by one or more of our professional coaches. Each day in our Blog, we post a Workout of the Day (WOD). The daily WOD is a variation of movements that involve weight-lifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning. Do not feel intimidated if you are unable to excute the program as written. All programs can be modified by scaling load and intensity, all ability levels are encouraged and welcome!

CrossFit Southie classes require membership enrollment. Membership rates are determined by the number of classes you participate in each week. We do not require a down payment, nor do we require a long term commitment.

Once enrolled in CrossFit Southie classes you are welcome to participate at any of the scheduled class times, no per-registration required.

Fellow CrossFitters that belong to a different Box may swing by and take a class at our $20 drop in rate. Please show up a few minutes before class to fill out a waiver. No contact necessary. We will allow you to follow your own programming as long it does not interfere with the general class.  We do not offer a shirt-trade but do have shirts available for purchase.


CrossFit works! Everyday our athletes make it to class, they become more fit and better at the functional movements involved in CrossFit. We now offer classes to accommodate everyone no matter where their fitness and CrossFit experience level is currently.

Our Scaled classes are slower paced, focusing on the technical movements involved in CrossFit. These classes are great for the 2x/week athlete or the newbie looking to ramp up their fitness level and fitness education. Being surrounded with peers of similar ability levels, in a less intimidating environment, provides for a comfortable learning experience, with more focused individual attention and guidance to help build a strong foundation during the early stages of your CrossFit career.

To go further, during our busier hours at 5pm and 6pm, we have 2-4 coaches on which enables us to break off based on experience level of the days movements and essentially run somewhat separate newbie and intermediate classes. Instead of having an elements program we are able to effectively ramp up newbies fitness and fitness eduction in a comfortable learning environment.

Scaled classes are a requirement for new members. The Scaled classes are NOT exclusively for beginners, they are for anyone who wants a more detailed overview of the movements being covered that day, and for those who want to be surrounded by athletes of their same level. Southie is a really unique box, we have a ton of serious athletes who are tough to keep up with; the level 1 and level 2 classes will allow members to work separate from the elite, and for some may make for a more positive experience. If you find that you are using level 1 & 2 weight/modifications don’t be afraid to give these classes a try at least once. You are always welcome in the All Levels classes, but it could really help your progress by getting the extra attention.


In order to take an Rx class you do not have to complete the prescribed weights or unassisted body weight movements, we just ask that you have previously done the movements before in a class or are comfortable with some sort of modification. There will not be as much coddling during the Rx classes and time will be spent on furthering skills. For example, on muscle up day we will not review pull ups and dips during Rx classes. Instead, we will spend most of our time working muscle up technique and transitions. If you are a newbie (don’t have the kip quite down yet, have never set up a ring dip with the bands), we suggest you show up to the L1/L2 classes or the All Levels classes as time will be spent going into detail on technique, how to setup, how to scale appropriately, etc.. Lastly, if you have been a member for 2+ months and have seen all the movements a few times don’t be fearful of jumping into the Rx classes. These classes are going to help further your skills, push you a little harder and free up some room in the L1/L2 classes for more newbies to learn.

All Levels

All are welcome. These classes are at non high traffic times and we will have multiple coaches on when necessary to help all ability levels.

Burnt Toasties

Burnt Toast is our competitor programming. This program assumes that you have taken 3+ months of RX classes and have developed efficiency in the movements and can complete most workouts as RX. Your work capacity is now higher and you will benefit from more volume, including more strength and more technical work. You are expected to watch the videos on the site and start the class on time, stay on pace with the suggested times on the site to keep things moving and start the WOD with the class. Coaches are here to guide you through and help with improving technique on platforms but there will be little drilling and more time moving and feeling the movements. Burnt Toast runs alongside classes on the hour in Southie Green on Mon,Tues, Wed & Friday and athletes are expected to show up on time. Burpee penalties will be assessed where necessary. There will be coaches on to help out at busier toasty hours such as 6,7,12,5,6 &7.

Burnt Toast WOD will start promptly at 8am on Saturdays. The gym will open at 7:45 at the latest and you will be expected to be ready to go at 8am. There will be coaching at the 8am class only. We strongly encourage everyone that is able to make it at 8 to be there to encourage camaraderie and competition. If you plan on doing the Burnt Toast WOD later in the day and the WOD is different from the general Crossfit classes, please try to make the Open Gym time or at least be respectful of the classes going on in Southie Green while dropping weights.

Competitor programming may not be done on the half hour in Southie Orange. Competitors are expected to start the WOD with the class and will be guided/coached throughout the hour by the coaches. Floater WODs and extra work can be done before or after class during non prime time Open Gym hours.

The Burnt Toast programming is a well rounded competitor program but everyone has their own specific weaknesses. Feel free to add in weakness training, in addition to or in place of the programming, but make sure not to do so at 6pm and work around and be respectful of the coaches and the classes at other times. Also, please pick up after yourself and keep things running smoothly so we can continue to hold these classes during all hours. Best times for toasties are at 6am, noon, 6pm and 7pm as you will find a bunch of other toasties to work with and push you to your limits at these times.

Scheduled Open Gym Hours and Mobility Class do not count towards your weekly total of classes. There will be a coach present during open gym hours to supervise and help athletes with skill work. If you have only been doing CrossFit for less then 6 months you cannot train exclusively during open gym hours. You must take at least one class/week. Working out in a class setting is what produces the most progress and the most efficient results.

We are happy to announce that Unlimited members have access to Southie Green during all non-peak business hours. The box will be open from 530am-8pm during the week and during classes on Saturday and Sunday, unless otherwise noted by a holiday schedule or another event taking place. 2x and 3x/week members may still take advantage to the four coached open gym hours scheduled and are welcome to work on skills before or after class but will need unlimited status to use the box at non Open Gym scheduled times for WODs. There will be limited coaching during the non-class/non-open gym hours but unlimited members are able to come into the box and work on skills, do competitor programming or a WOD of their own. To go along with this there will be some rules in place that must be followed or open gym privileges may be taken away:


1. Please note: priority goes to any class that is taking place. Please be respectful during class hours and work around the class, especially the busier classes (6am, 5pm, 6pm).

2. If you have been doing CrossFit for less than 6 months, you may not train exclusively in open gym, you must take classes.

3. This is non-coached time. Coaches have blogging, administrative, cleaning duties to attend to during the day. Please respect their time.

4. Please do not do anything stupid, including attempting 1rm’s without spotters. Please note #3 and only use other open gymers for spotters.

5. All of our coaches have the right to stop you from doing anything that they believe is unsafe.

6. Bring your own music/headphones. The gym music is to be kept at a low level during open gym hours to respect people getting work done and those receiving massage.

7. Please pick up after yourself. Equipment should be wiped down and everything should be put away where you found it and not left out for the coaches to clean up after you.

Check out our Class Schedule.

The schedule is not the same Monday through Friday. Make sure you look at the schedule before you come in.

Personal Training

Personal Training offers an even more focused approach than the class setting. Sessions are designed for members that want individualized coaching on specific CrossFit skills and goals, as well as those who prefer individual training to group training. More info on Personal training can be found on the FAQ page.


Flexibility/mobility restrictions lead to poor mechanical positions in the gym and in life and when unaddressed low quality movement patterns inevitably lead to nagging pain and injury. Pure laziness, and/or lack of time, often prevents us from dealing with these issues. We have added free mobility classes here at Southie to help cut the excuses and ensure that you keep your body tuned up. The mobility wizard, Coach Berretta, uses stretch bands, lacrosse balls and everything inbetween to get you moving pain free.

Class Pre-Registration

Not required. Just show up!