Wednesday 10/22 – Olympic Lifting Class


Warm Up
With a barbell:
10 muscle snatch + 2 overhead squats
10 x 3 position sots press
- ¼ squat
- Parallel
- Full squat

Shoulder & lat rolling

Tall Snatch
3 x 3, ascending – stay light

2 x 3 @ 60%
3 x 3 @ 65%

Overhead Squat
4 x 3, ascending

2 x 10 GHD sit ups
*If time permits

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Showdown Event 2 Release- “GamePlan”

Establish a max weight for the complex:
1 Hang Squat Snatch
2 Overhead Squats
An attempt will be made every 2 minutes for 10 minutes.

Each athlete must begin at one of the predetermined starting weights and are allowed 2 attempts during the 2 minute interval. If successful the athlete will ascend in  weight every 2 minutes in increments of 10lbs for the RX men, and 5lbs for the other divisions.

Each athlete will choose from one of the following weights to for their opening lift:
RX Men 135,155,175,195,205
RX Women 85,95,105,115,135
Scaled Men 85,95,105,115,135
Scaled Women 45,55,65,75,85

A  maximum of 2 attempts at each weight. For safety reasons, in order for a rep to be successful the bar/athlete must remain in their lane throughout the entire lift. If both attempts are failed, the athlete may not continue on. A maximum of 5 sets of weights can be attempted.

The athlete may accumulate deadlifts as a tiebreaker. Deadlifts may not be started until the one minute mark and will add one point each to the total weight lifted. Two attempts at the complex are not necessary before accumulating deadlifts at the one minute mark. If you do not make your starting weight, your score will be the number of deadlifts completed in the minute.

Movement Standards
Hang Squat Snatch- The athlete must establish a clear pause at the hip before attempting the hang snatch. The bar may not descend below the knee once the hang is established. If the bar descends below the knee or is dropped, this will count as a failed attempt. One fluid movement is required in the RX divison. A power snatch into overhead squat, followed by 2 more overhead squats to complete the complex, is acceptable for the scaled division but not for the Rx division. At the bottom the hip crease must pass below the knee. Full extension must be shown at the top with control of the bar and feet underneath the hips.
Overhead Squat- Hip crease below the knee, full extension at the top with control of the bar.
DeadLift – Both plates touch the ground at the same time, full extension with shoulders, hips and ankles stacked at the top. Touch and go is permitted but bouncing will not be allowed.

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Mobility for Pullups


“I don’t care about getting an unassisted pull ups” – Said no one ever. Pull ups are awesome. Not only do they look cool, they build incredible amounts of upper body pulling strength, and more importantly help our back, shoulders and arms looked totally ripped. Sure, progress can be achieved by following a strength building program that includes strict pull ups, varied grips, supersets, etc but I want to focus on the mobility side of the movement. Opening up the lats, chest and thoracic spine we will allow our bodies to function most efficiently. Train smarter, not harder.

pull 1 With your arms over your head place a roller in the middle of the back while draping yourself over it like a towel on a towel rack. This will allow the back to effectively flex and extend helping to transfer energy from our hips to our shoulders. Spend a few minutes working all the way to the top of your shoulders.

pull 4 Pretend as if you are a SI swimsuit model striking a pose on the beach. Then place a large ball under your arm pit targeting the insertion of your lat muscle. Rotate side to side to loosen up the muscle mainly responsible for your pull ups. No pain face, blue steel only.

pull 2Using a looped stretching strap, pvc pipe, or rubber band lengthen and loosen up the chest muscles by performing standard pass throughs. Keep your midline tight, elbows straight and remember to spend the most time in that “sticky spot” behind your back.

If you want to improve your pull ups you must put the work into a strength building program but more importantly your mobility before class, after class, during class and at home. Don’t over think it, just do it. 5-15 minutes per day is enough to feel and see change/progress. Remember, if you do not have the proper mobility tools check out WWW.MOBLOKO.COM for your own personal mobility kit. CFS members receive a discount so take advantage!

We still need judges for the Southie Showdown! If you are available to help at any point on November 8 & 9, please click HERE to sign up. All judges receive a t-shirt and lunch from Paleo Power Meals. We are very thankful for your help!

Kettlebell Work
-RX Classes (KB Snatches, KB OHS)
- L1/L2 (windmills, KB clean, KB press)

Calories on the Rower
Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)
Double Unders x2

Level 2 (1,0.75)
Level 1 (0.75,0.5), 2x’s singles, 40-30-20-10

Conditioning Class: WOD
Odd – 15/12 Calories on Airdyne
Even – Run 100m

Conditioning Class: Core
With a medicine ball:
3 Rounds
20 Knee Tucks
20 Russian Twists
20 Sit ups

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Southie ShowDown WOD Release – “Jerry Swinger”

“Jerry Swinger”
10 Minute Cap
30 Wallballs (20/14)
30 Kettlebell swings (2,1.5)
60 Box Jumps (24,20)
30 Kettlebell Swings
30 Wallballs

RX -20,14lb Wallball/2,1.5 Swings/24,20 Box Jumps
Scaled- 14,10lb Wallball/1.5,1 Swings/ 20 inch Box Jumps; Step Ups Permitted

Score will be your finish time. If you do not finish the workout in the 10 minute time cap, one second will be added for each rep not completed.

Wall Balls – Hip crease below the knee, ball must make contact with the specified target. Cannot play the bounce off a previous rep. The medicine ball must completely settle on the ground before proceeding to the next rep. The medicine ball can be picked up and launched from bottom position as long as hip crease is below the knee. The medicine ball must remain in the athletes lane after each rep including the final rep of each set. Failure to do so will result in a no rep.
Kettlebell swings- The athlete must show the arms completely locked out overhead stacked above the shoulder, hip and ankle. The athlete should bring the kettlebell to their body, not their body to the kettlebell. A good rep will require the kettlebell to be pointed up (no droopy kettlebells) at the top. Dropping kettlebells from above the shoulders or the kettlbell bouncing out of the athlete’s lane will result in a no rep.
Box Jumps- Athlete must show full control on top of the box and stand to full extensions with the hips stacked atop the shoulders and ankles. Rebounding is permitted. Step ups in the Rx division is not permitted.

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Member of the Month: Marc Piccuirro

We are pleased to announce our newest member of the month… Marc Piccuirro! This has certainly been a long time coming. Marc has been a member since early 2012 and has been a mainstay in our community since he walked through the doors. Marc always goes out of his way to encourage new and veteran members and helps make everyone feel welcome and a part of our community. To top it all off, he’s an amazing athlete who represents CFS very well in many local throwdowns and the Open every year. We can’t imagine Southie without him and are very fortunate that he decided to ditch the Globo Gym and join us. Way to go, Marc!

How did you get involved in CrossFit? What was your first WOD/experience?
I first started doing CrossFit at a local globogym. I got sick of walking around trying to figure what to do besides spin class or running on the treadmill so I started following the main site. Although I couldn’t do half the movements that were being prescribed, I enjoyed the challenge and variety. When asked why I didn’t join a real CrossFit gym my response was “Why would I? I have all the workouts right here on my phone.” Boy was I wrong. My first workout at CFS was Open 12.2. That’s when I learned there was a real difference. 1) I was coached on a movement I didn’t even know existed, 2) the group atmosphere was really contagious and 3) unlike my prior 10 years of going to the gym, I actually had fun.IMG_4827

When did you start coming to CrossFit Southie?
4 months before my wedding, March 2012

Is this the first CrossFit you’ve worked out at / how long have you been CrossFitting for?
Yes. Unofficially for 3 and a half years; officially 2.5 years

When did you realize that CrossFit was right for you?
I would say right from the beginning, but really it wasn’t until about 6-8 months in at CFS that I realized this was really for me. I enjoyed the classes, coaches and community immediately, but it wasn’t until I started to make serious progress that I realized just how much CrossFit meant to me. After 10+ years of going to the gym I was struck by how much my body could change in just a short period of time. I was performing lifts and movements I never thought possible. I always considered myself to be athletic, but finally I had found my sport. It’s just an added bonus that I felt better, had more energy and gained a lot of confidence in the process.

What are you short-term and long-term CrossFit goals?
Short term goals: Handstand walks, consecutive strict MUps, 200lb Snatch
Long term goals: Continued and lasting fitness. With a 1 year old and hopefully another little one(s) in the coming years my main goal is to stay active with them. I’m not getting any younger but I hope to remain youthful to share what I love with my kids; hiking, swimming, general physical activity or just anything outdoors. It’s unreasonable to think I can remove screens (TV, computer, ipad) from my kids lives, nor would I want to. I just hope that they can appreciate what living in the northeast is all about; enjoying the outdoors.

What is your biggest accomplishment?
CrossFit – This year’s placing in the Open. I was extremely proud of how I performed and it’s a testament to how great our programming is.

What is your favorite / least favorite WOD/movement?
Favorites: Handstand pushups, Pistols, OH Squat, Front Squat
Least Favorite: Heavy snatches, Heavy dead lifts, Legless Rope Climbs, Any lift from the hang

What do you do for a profession outside of CrossFit?
I manage bond portfolios for institutional clients. That’s probably as deep as you all would want me to go on that.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?
Anything outdoors, catching up with friends (happens less and less when kids enter the equation), reading non-fiction, cooking.

Do you eat Paleo or Zone? What is your favorite paleo/non-paleo meal?
I eat clean but I wouldn’t characterize it as Paleo. I try to avoid processed food first and foremost then focus on eating local/organic. I keep my carbs reduced while going heavy on protein and fat. In terms of dairy I focus on fermented foods (cheese, yogurt) from full fat, grass-fed sources.
Favorite Paleo meal: Braised pull pork on a half roasted sweet potato
Non Paleo: Burger, fries and a beer

Fun fact?
I cooked for two former presidents.

Power Clean and Split Jerk

12 Minute AMRAP
Burpee Box Jumps
Squat Cleans (155,105)

Level 3- (135,95)
Level 2- (115,75)
Level 1- (95,55)

Mobility Class:
Quads + Calves!

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