Printable class schedule

Color Grid
Orange = class takes place in Southie Orange
Dark Green = Class takes place in Southie HQ/Green
Light Green = Class takes place in Southie Green Orginal
Brown = Class takes place in the toaster
Blue = Free Class located somewhere in Green

Rx/L2 vs. L2/Rx vs. L1/L2 vs. All Levels
CrossFit works!  Everyday our athletes make it to class, they become more fit and better at the functional movements involved in CrossFit.  We now offer classes to accommodate both the veteran CrossFitter and the newbie.  Our L1/L2 are slower paced, focusing on the fundamentals and we will spend much more time breaking down the technical movements involved in CrossFit. These classes are great for the 2x/week athlete or the newbie looking to ramp up their fitness level and fitness education.   Being surrounded with peers of similar ability levels, in a less intimidating environment, provides for a comfortable learning experience, with more focused individual attention and guidance to help build a strong foundation during the early stages of your CrossFit career.The L1/L2 are NOT exclusively for beginners, they are for anyone who wants a more detailed overview of the movements being covered that day, and for those who want to be surrounded by athletes of their same level. Southie is a really unique box, we have a ton of serious athletes who are tough to keep up with; the level 1 and level 2 classes will allow members to work separate from the elite, and for some may make for a more positive experience. If you find that you are using level 1 & 2 weight modifications don’t be afraid to give these classes a try at least once. L2/Rx classes are a step up from L1/L2 classes but will provide a lot of guidence and focus on the fundamentals. Rs/L2 classes are designed for the athlete who has been here for a few months and needs less coddling. You do not need to be able to do the workout as RX, we only ask that you know how to scale the movements appropriately. Warm ups will be more challenging and athletes will be given more time to work on platforms during these classes. Programming will include more technical lifts and higher sklls when compared to L1/L2 class programming. At times where there is only an All Levels class, classes are generally smaller and/or we will have more coaches on to accommodate all ability levels. Lastly, our competitor programming, Burnt Toast, is for the serious Crossfitter looking to compete in the Sport of CrossFit. Programming can be found at

Open Gym Hours and Mobility WOD do not count towards your weekly total of classes. There will be a coach present during open gym hours to supervise and help athletes with skill work. If you have only been doing crossfit for less then 6 months you cannot train exclusively during open gym hours. You must take at least one class/week. Working out in a class setting is what produces the most progress and the most efficient results. Unlimited members have the right to utilize as many open gym hours and class hours as they wish during the week.

The schedule is not the same Monday through Friday and is subject to change on Holidays and during CrossFit events. Any changes to the schedule will be posted in the blog and will updated on the google calendar. Make sure you look at the schedule before you come in.

Mobility WOD
Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:00pm

Do overhead squats cause your shoulders and wrists a great deal of discomfort? Do your calves become sore from all those box jumps and double unders? Do you absolutely dread inch worms because those pesky hamstrings just won’t budge? Then our Mobility class is just what you need!
Mobility is defined as the ability to move or be moved freely and easily…
If our bodies are able to move freely and easily through any given movement then we are doing those repetitions with greater ease. Although it is still hard work, efficiency is key. Becoming more efficient with our movements will help to complete more rounds of an AMRAP, help us achieve faster times which equates to further progress and greater fitness! Not to mention helps cut down on those
tight hips, sore shoulders and general aches and pains.
Our mobility class will include a series of soft tissue work, stretching, and flexibility techniques to help improve your range of motion. All classes will be structured to take aim at sore spots from previous workouts, the current workout and common trouble areas. Whether you want to stretch after class or warm up before class our Mobility class will help improve those positions and give you the tools to improve your own well being!

Massage Therapy
Natalie and Sean. offer deep tissue massage therapy and ART type bodywork thorughout the week in the massage room closest to the desk. To register click here. Only $60 for all first time massages.

Fellow CrossFitters that belong to a different Box may swing by and take a class at our $20 drop in rate. Please show up a few minutes before class to fill out a waiver. No contact necessary. We will allow you to follow your own programming as long it does not interfere with the general class. We do not offer a shirt-trade but do have shirts available for purchase.