Game Planning the WOD

Oct 6th, 2011

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Game Planning the WOD

How much thought do you put into the WOD? Do you strategize your plan of attack or just wing it last minute? Lets explore a few tricks that will help improve your times, scores and ultimately your fitness…

Time 1 round – If a workout includes 5 rounds, glance at the clock to see how long the first round took. Multiply by 5 and thats the time to shoot for. Naturally you may slow down a bit but it provides a gauge of how hard to push later in the workout.

Sets within sets – for instance if a workout includes 3 rounds of 15 deadlifts think about how you want to approach each set. Able to hammer out 15 in a row? Break it up to 10-5? 3 sets of 5 reps? 8 and 7? This takes experience and sometimes the plan goes awry but having a plan pays off more often than not.

Strengths & weaknesses – Focus on every single rep, not your time when dealing with a weakness. Make up the time on your strength.

Write down results – Cant stress this enough. Having detailed comments regarding each workout will allow you to maximize the game plan for similar workouts in the future as well as compare to the past.

These are just a few tricks that can be used to become better athletes. We know you have the braun…what about the brain??

*Schedule Update* – We’ve added more classes.  CrossFit Striking is taking place of the Friday Open Gym at 4pm.  We’ve also added a slew of Saturday classes. We now have a 9:30 and 10:30 L1/L2 Saturday class.  We will also hold a 12pm Free Intro Class on Saturdays for anyone interested in checking out CrossFit Southie, no sign up necessary.  During the free intro class, the gym will be open to work on skills or make up WODs missed but coaching will not be provided.  1pm will also be an open gym hour where coaching will be provided.  We have also added Saturday All Levels Classes at 2pm and 3pm. Lastly, there are a couple of competitor classes added during the week.  If you plan on competing, you are welcome to join the Southie coaches during these competitor classes at 2:30 on Tuesdays and 2pm on Thursdays.  These classes will not be coached and we will be advanced WODs.  We will be doing the again faster series WODs and we will pulling WODs out of a hopper.  Come ready to do anything.  WODs may be scaled but there will be no coaching provided at these classes.  The google calendar and printable links have been updated.

Pistol/L-Pull Up

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

5 L-Pullups
5 pistols each leg
10 swings (1.5/1)

ADV (2/1.5)
L2/L1 (Sub L-pull up variations or 5 dead hang pull-ups and 5 knees to elbows)

  • maze

    Well said Berretta.

    For some inspiration today, check out Steve Job’s 2005 speech at Stanford’s commencement ceremony.

    “Stay hungry, stay foolish”

  • Alec

    Good tips. Another suggestion is to not fly out of the gate too fast so that you get burned by the 2nd round. You should go hard, but if you’re flying at 110mph for the first round for a long metcon, you’ll probably be burned by the end and have a slower time than if you had paced it correctly.

    Speaking of braun, this stuff is my power fuel when recovering from a big workout (along with some sweet potatoes and sauerkraut):

  • jaime

    great post Beretta!
    2pm WOD
    150 air squats
    2K row
    150 air squats
    time 18:12
    followed by quad spasms :)